Try ASP Security Kit on your PC in an ASP.NET MVC project

You can evaluate ASP Security Kit fully featured Premium package on your PC in Visual Studio. Steps to installing the trial are the same as with the paid packages.

  1. Sign up first to get the credentials.
  2. Install ASP Security Kit NuGet package providing your credentials (created above)

    Note: Only install and try demo with the recommended ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application project template. This is located under Web\Visual Studio 2012 in Visual Studio 2013 New Project dialog.
    Also, do not upgrade any dependent NuGet package such as Entity Framework after installing demo. There are breaking changes in EF6 for example, which causes ASPSecurityKit.Demo.dll to fail at runtime. This condition is only applicable for trial.
  3. Choose the 'Premium Trial' from the package dropdown. Step-by-step instructions to install ASP Security Kit

Next steps: Get an overview of various pieces installed in your project and then get started with activity based, resource aware authorization using ASP Security Kit.

Trial Restrictions

  1. The trial is strictly for evaluation purposes and is enforced as such. This means that you cannot run a project with ASP Security Kit trial on host other than localhost.
  2. The source code (controllers, models, utilities, converters, services and so on) that is otherwise installed as part of your MVC project comes bundled as an assembly named ASPSecurityKit.Demo.dll.
  3. Certain source code (such as Views, Scripts, stylesheets, images ETC.) is still installed in the MVC project and is not bundled into the demo assembly. No portion of this code can be copied or used for purpose other than evaluating ASP Security Kit. This restriction doesn't apply on source code obtained as part of paid version.
  4. You're strictly prohibited to decompile/reverse engineer any ASP Security Kit assembly (.dll file) under any circumstances.