About Us

ASPSecurityKit is a product from Khosla Tech. We build software that increases your productivity and makes your business efficient and trustworthy.

Varun Om Khosla, Chief Architect

Varun is the original thinker and lead architect of this latest security component for ASP.NET platform that has captured the interest of hundreds of consultants and businesses since its pre-launch day.

Varun is a software consultant by trade, with 15 years of experience architecting and engineering secure and reliable enterprise software solutions used by large companies, including Microsoft, Forge Trust, Lexis Nexis, Nokia, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Ernst & Young, Ebix Inc., CPF Singapore Kirwin Simpson. ASPSecurityKit is born out of his years of experience developing custom security and membership modules as part of consultancy projects related to diverse domains ranging from legal, education, hospitality, human resource, insurance, banking, technical support and even manufacturing.
You can reach out to Varun at [email protected].

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Our Customers Love Us

“The work you guys have done for ISCP security has been phenomenal and I consider it to be one of the most important pieces of our financial platform. I highly recommend ASPSecurityKit as the leading IAM solution.”

- Todd Yancey, CSO, IRA Services Trust Company (San Francisco)

“ASPSecurityKit has saved us hundreds of developer hours and thousands of Pounds. I was blown away by the speed at which our developer single-handedly developed a complex multi-tenanted, multi-user order lifecycle management web application for a prestigious client in record time.”

- Ross Williams, founder at Rosscom – a web design and development company (London, U.K.)

“ASPSecurityKit is so flexible that my dev team is now entirely focused on developing business features and it just integrates with all kinds of requirements effortlessly.”

- Kyle Hannah, CEO at PerformTel – a sales and customer service company (U.S.)

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