$0 free of cost *
* For evaluation purposes only
  • Install using NuGet
  • Generate a one month Trial Key to evaluate on bigger samples
  • Trial of source packages are also available (for ASP.NET Core API, MVC and ServiceStack)
For individuals and small businesses having less than 10 employees.
  • Royalty-free, perpetual license
  • One year maintenance
  • Essential and Starter source packages are included for no extra cost
  • A Premium source package is also included if you buy the license with 3 or more developers
  • Email support
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Is there a plan for students and non profits?

Yes. Students and registered NGOs are eligible to get ASPSecurityKit license for free. Please contact us at [email protected] with brief description of the project along with an identity proof photocopy (student Id or NGO registration certificate). The nature of the project should be non-commercial.

What platforms or web frameworks are supported?

ASPSecurityKit supports and has separate NuGet packages for ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Mvc 5, ASP.NET Web API and ServiceStack (both .NET Framework/Core supported).

Can I use ASK on .NET5?

Yes, you can use ASPSecurityKit.NetCore package on .NET5. In our limited testing, it works without issue. We’ll give more definitive guidance on this in near future as we dig deeper.

What am I buying here?

You’re buying a royalty-free, perpetual ASPSecurityKit license for one application project and the specified number of developers you anticipate to be working on that project. However, the license key (that removes the trial restrictions) is actually generated later.

In order to provide you one-year support and maintenance (including ASPSecurityKit’s library updates), ability to add more developers, renew the maintenance and purchase source packages for the same project, we setup an account on the dashboard for you with a project subscription. You can add more developers, buy source packages and generate or update the license key using the same project subscription.

To learn more about these concepts, visit the license management page.

What does per developer, per application license mean?

You need to buy an ASPSecurityKit license for every web application (an MVC web app or API web services) in which you want to use ASPSecurityKit. An ASPSecurityKit license key is bound to the application assembly. Such application can have any number of libraries as dependencies, each of which could also be using ASK features without any additional license key because the primary application assembly has already registered the license at run-time.

If you’re creating multiple applications – even though they are part of the same Visual Studio solution – you need to buy separate ASPSecurityKit licenses and generate the license key for each such application project.

While purchasing a license for an application, you specify the number of developers to be contributing on that application’s code. If the project is new, it’d be an indicative value which may change as the development progresses. If the number of developers working on the application’s code exceed the number of developers specified in the license, you need to add more developers to the license.

Can I buy licenses for multiple applications?

Absolutely! You can even do that in one shot from the dashboard.

Do I need to buy separate licenses to use multiple ASK web framework libraries in the application? For example, ASPSecurityKit.NetFramework.Mvc with ASPSecurityKit.NetFramework.WebApi or ASPSecurityKit.ServiceStack?

When you buy an ASPSecurityKit license, it isn’t associated with any specific web framework (or platform). Only when you activate the license by generating the license key for the application project does the license get bound to the primary web framework you’ve chosen for your project.

Additionally, the generated license key does permit mix-use i.e., the same application project can use both MVC and API (Web API/ServiceStack) frameworks with corresponding ASK libraries.

Note: the question of mix use only arises when you use multiple ASK platform packages in the web application. There’s no restriction on using any additional web framework in your project if you don’t need a supporting ASPSecurityKit package for it.

What if I want to change the assembly name or platform after generating the license key?

To enforce per-application restriction, ASPSecurityKit license key is bound by these characteristics of the primary application assembly. If you change the primary platform or assembly name, the license key may no longer work. You can however, update the license key. Currently, you’re allowed to regenerate the license key with the new assembly name once. If you’re required to change these characteristics of the application assembly and you’ve exhausted the limits on regeneration, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Source Packages

What is a source package exactly?

ASPSecurityKit comes in two forms.

Do source packages come with ASPSecurityKit source code?

No. Source packages contain source code of functionality you usually need to implement in every multi-user project such as account management, user management, administration etc. Visit the source packages page to learn more about available features and compare different source packages.

Are source packages also priced per developer, per application?

Unlike an ASPSecurityKit library license, a source package has a flat cost per application and doesn’t depend on the number of developers you have working at any time on that application. You’re required to purchase a source package for every application you want to use it.

What are the restrictions on source code obtained via source packages?

There’s no restriction as long as you’re using the source code in the same application for which you obtained the source package. If you want to use the source code in a different application, and we assume that application also has ASPSecurityKit being used, you need to buy the same source package for that other application as well.


What is this 'setup team members' all about?

The team feature lets you create additional users on the dashboard and delegate license management tasks without giving credentials of the primary business account. You can have individual project lead manage their project specific ASK licenses while you continue to have a complete control and ownership of those licenses. You can suspend users as they leave organization and replace them with new leads without worrying about shared ASK dashboard credentials.